The more things

change the more they stay the same!

I remember the only time in my life when I filled out a newspaper personal ad. I was advertising to the world that I was interested in finding that one person that I could share my life with. It was a bold declaration of my availability to the readers of Denver's Rocky Mountain News. Though I can't remember exactly what the text of the ad was, since I was paying by the character, I'm sure it read something like:

SWM seeks SF for fun and companionship. Non-smoker, no drugs. 

(Ok, I admit, I wasn't the most creative person at that time of my life!) Times have changed when it comes to dating. Now, instead of posting whatever few lines we can afford in the newspaper, trying the best we could to describe who we were and who we were looking for, now people can fill out extensive profiles online and have computer algorithms run compatibility analyses and deliver potential matches to your inbox daily. I can't imagine what it's like to have thousands of people within the palm of your hand that you can simply swipe left and right for in order to find a potential date!

I also can't imagine what it's like to be held in the palm of the hand by thousands of people and have myself be swiped by them. What is it like for someone to make a snap judgment based on little more than a photo? It's got to be difficult to put yourself out there like that, right?

In that way, I suppose, dating is similar now to how it was in my day. No matter what, it's going to take some risk, some vulnerability, some courage. There is bound to be joy and pain, highs and lows. There's the thrill of anticipation and the heart-drop of rejection. No matter how we connect with people, whether through personal ads, meeting someone in person, connecting through an online site, getting set up by friends, or some other way, it's going to involve something deep and personal.  
Dating has changed a lot since the time I was dating, but a lot is still the same. We are going to take the next month on Sundays to explore the world of dating and see what the bible has to say to us. It's going to be a fun and hopeful experience. 

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