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At the beginning of the story Matthew told of the life & death of Jesus, before he tells us anything about Jesus himself, he tells us about the ancestors of Jesus. Matthew gives us a long genealogy of Jesus - mostly a list of the men, but noticeably, there are 4 women as well. Not just any women, but women who were ethnic minorities. Nowadays, we might call them double-minorities because of their gender and ethnic status in that society. 

Each of these women has a story - and Matthew is telling their stories for a reason. As women & ethnic minorities, he is saying that these are the kind of people that God accepts. Not just the men, not just the Jews, not just the educated, not just the wealthy, not just the connected, not just the popular. God is going out of his way to include the outsiders in the family of Jesus. 

As we go through this sermon series, we want to hear the stories of these women. They have stories to tell and their stories are important. They are all great-great-great....great-grandmas of Jesus. They are part of Jesus' family. They are the kind of people Jesus hung out with when he was living on the Earth - and they are the kind of people who make up Jesus' family today. 

Today, Jesus' family is made up of people who are both insiders and outsiders, men and women, Jews and non-Jews. Jesus' family is made up of people from every educational background, ethnic background, economic status, nationality. Everyone is welcome into Jesus' family - including you and me. 

So let's include our own stories as part of the family history of Jesus. As we engage in our series on race, diversity & power, let's make it a discussion. This is a safe space to come and share your experiences. We will all be enriched, enlightened, and educated as we share our stories with each other. 

See you on Sunday! Come prepared to discuss what we learn as we look at the grandmas of Jesus - and come prepared to share your own story with us!




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